Colleges and schools in Colombia

Telecommunications dorm over twenty years in education.

Colegio de Telecomunicaciones e Informatica

Telecommunications dorm over twenty years in education.
cra 25 con 54.

palmira valle de cauca - Palmira - Valle del Cauca - Colombia

IMDEC I.E (Instituto Mixto de Cultura)

Joint Institute IMDEC culture. private educational institution in the cycles of primary and basic education preschool located in the town of Chinu, Cordoba, Colombia .
Cra 9 Nro 24-42. Barrio Chambacú. - Chinú - Córdoba - Colombia

Primary education in Colombia
Why Choose Us? We offer peace of mind. We know that your sons are your greatest treasure, so give us all of them. More than...

Institucion Educativa El Rosario

carrera 2 calle 6 esquina - Tesalia - Huila - Colombia

Colegio El Faro

Pre-school basic primary, bilingual. We combine the best ones you practice of education, to guarantee in our students effectiveness in the learning process. We are a community focused in the More...
Finca San Pedro Vda Fagua - Sabana Centro - Cundinamarca - Colombia

Institución Educativa Los Libertadores

A coeducational institution offering preschool, elementary school, elementary and middle school academic. public, academic high school.
Calle 2 No. 5-47 Barrio Libertad - Consaca - Nariño - Colombia

Kindergartens in Colombia
Lycée maternal pre gigio, personalized education, based on human values. psicolgia service, speech, swimming, ballet, music, dance, physical education and English, emphasis on literacy and...

Colegio Fe y Esperanza

Faith and hope The school offers an education with an emphasis on ethics and values, and in turn provides the development of each of the academic areas of learning of More...
cra 13a#32c15 sector 6-7 interior 186 - Soacha - Cundinamarca - Colombia

Academia Nacional de Aprendizaje

Institution of education for work and human development, with a presence in nine cities of Colombia. systems technical programs, preschool, tourism, marketing, graphic design, electricity and electronics, fashion design, accounting More...
Calle 26 No. 21-37 Centro - Manizales - Caldas - Colombia

Colegio Eisenhower

eisenhower school is a multilingual educative center: English, French and Spanish of private character. Dedicated to the growth of the children, by means of processes that motivate the students, with More...
Km 1, Vía-Vte Cajica-Zipaquira - Sabana Centro - Cundinamarca - Colombia

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