Actiquim SAS

Actiquim SAS

CR 150 A - Suba - Bogotá - Colombia

Actiquim SAS is a Colombian company dedicated to providing services in homes, warehouses, apartments, schools, hospitals, clinics, shopping malls, banks, businesses, restaurants, theaters, hotels and maintenance of buildings, residential complexes, construction.
We are manufacturers and distributors of toiletries of good quality specialized lines: Automotive, industrial, home.

Actiquim SAS is the human and professional integration committed to our primary goal of customer satisfaction.
His extensive experience in the successful development of projects and the core values ??of honesty, quality customer service compliance
Actiquim SAS offers a variety of general services to institutional, commercial, hospital, residential and construction level
- Sealed polished floors crystallization of inns in marble, granite and scrap
- Washing and treatment of floors
- Carpet cleaning rugs and furniture
- Final Cleaning works
- Painting service in general
- Masonry
- Plumbing
- Drywall
- Veneer
- Electricity
- Polishing lacquered wood floors
- And everything related with ornamentation
- Installation of glass and mirrors divisions bathrooms
- Waterproofing of roofs and facades maintenance
- Building and Remodeling
- Manufacture and maintenance of all types of furniture
- Manufacture, maintenance, and installation of blinds
- Cleaning windows and facades
- Maintenance of buildings and sets
- Maintenance locative
- Demarcation of warehouses and parking lots
- Installation of topellantas
- Installing anti solar films and polarizing glasses


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