Acuario Rio Claro de Uraba

Cra 105 # 104-22, Apartado - Antioquia. - Urabá - Antioquia - Colombia

Rio Claro company was founded in Medellin in 2004, then in 2006 we moved to the Uraba region where we begin with the provision of services. Since then, we have been offering our products every day, with the highest fidelity. In our market, they are a tradition shipments fry and ornamental Saturdays.
In our stores, fry red tilapia, tilapia nilotica, pacu, bocachico, catfish, bream, carp and ornamental species are offered: guppies, platis, swords, molinesias, dancers, golfish, bettas, Koi, guramis, zebras between other.


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