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Through this, I am contacting you to let them know our company Furniture Design and Architecture Builders SAS, we have over four years experience in the design, construction and adaptation of architectural spaces, as well as preventive maintenance and corrective buildings and street furniture in the following areas.

Facades and Painting

Vinyl paint for exterior facades with patching of edges and expansion.
Maintenance facades of brick, grout and washing.
Repair cracks in facade graniplast.
Oil or enamel paint for fences, railings, downspouts, gutters, street furniture, doors and windows.
Demarcation of parking with reflective paint, signaling traffic areas.


Maintenance and waterproofing concrete.
Change tiles and repair of leaks.
Cleaning of canals and drains.

Plumbing systems

Repair, adaptation and installation of hydraulic and sanitary systems.
Remodeling bathrooms, kitchens and wet areas, and modern fitness saving systems.

Metalwork and light systems.

Construction and repair of fences, gates, metal structures, railings, steel or aluminum windows, doors and glass partitions.
Roofing metal structure with polycarbonate finish.
Roofing and divisions in drywall or Superboard, renovation of architectural spaces.

We invite you to learn more about our company requesting a visit for evaluation and listing of the activities involving their property on the date and time you choose.


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