Flexco S.A.

Flexco S.A.

Carrera 1 #9-227 Zona Industrial la Badea - Dosquebradas - Risaralda. - Risaralda - Colombia

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A hose manufacturer company since 1983, born from a marketer of hoses since 1970. Has developed its own technology, built machinery, developed its own products, processes and raw materials in a strict commitment to quality.

Is certified ISO 9001 for the production and marketing of thermoplastic Manuera in to usosindustriales and domestic, hoses and connectors for use in gas appliance installations using LPG (vapor phase), mix air with propane or natural gas.

Flexible thermoplastic tubing, reinforced high tenacity nylon for multiple industrial applications in diameters from 3 / 16 "and 1". Coextruded pipes and rolling type form in thermoplastics, in diameters from 1 "to 10".

Flexible thermoplastic pipe, without reinforcement for multiple industrial applications. These products are assembled according to customer needs.


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